Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Far out man

Our friendly lifeguards keeping an eye on us... I swam another 36 mins at 14.4 degrees, in what actually felt warm for seventy percent of the time, also for the first time I didn't shiver at all on leaving the water, that has got to be a good sign on both fronts. The sea gulls were a little inquisitive though! and I had to politely ask them to go away as they swooped down on me!! Look how far the tide was out ! As a result of which I managed to get hold of a year long tide table and spoke with a local fisherman regarding high waters and lunar influence on the heights. That should be a great help to my plans. It has been suggested I do the Dover Regatta 2km race in the harbour on 11th August, so it has been a mad rush to get the entry sorted as I didn't have a ASA member number, its sent now, so fingers crossed I will make the deadline of July 28th. The only downside being that Charlie and I will have been swimming in the lovely and warm Red Sea for the week prior, so I can just imagine the shock to the system afterwards on return to the UK. Should be able to get to the North Sea tomorrow with a bit of luck too.

36 mins @ 14.4 degrees

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