Monday, 23 July 2007

Jumping Jetskis

Sunday 23rd July, another wet weather forecast for the majority of the UK, I had Charlie my little man with me until lunchtime, then work at 3pm. So it was all a bit mad, we decided to make a dash for the same area of coast as midweek, stopping off at MacDonald's en route to fill the flask with Hot Chocolate! On arrival at the beech, it looked utterly miserable, the tide was right out and the swell and breakers looked rather rough. Still, I had promised Kelly that I wasn't going to mess about as we didn't have the time to do so. Off we walked down the beech, strip off and in, noticeably cooler than Tuesday but that could have just been in the head as the sun was nowhere to be seen. I swam about 4 laps of the of the usual route, however after 2 laps the breakers were invaded by a group of rowdy jet ski users who had no idea of my presence, I didn't really fancy a collision so had to stop and tread water for a while. eventually moving into shallower water to voice my concerns to Kelly, she had however already spoken with the lifeguards who responded rapidly on there own jet skis and basically told the young lads to naff off, they (the lifeguards) were excellent and completely on side as far as swimming goes. Once again the ocean was my own, though by now I had cooled off and had to do a few sprints to get warm again. The whole episode only took a minute or two but that was well enough for me to get cold. That kind of knocked my concentration too, I did a couple more laps and called it a day. Wrapped up to get warm, drive home, bath and work. I hate rushing....Whilst at work I visited another swim area slightly further south at Redcar and spoke with Coast watch, they confirmed the sea surface temperature for me at 13.7 degrees. They also gave me the OK for swimming under their watchful eye anytime I wanted. So...35 minutes today, overall am happy with that, a little longer in cooler much more difficult conditions. Weekly total 14,750 mts.

35 minutes @ 13.7 degrees

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