Saturday, 4 August 2007

Eating Egypt

Here we are in Egypt at Naama Bay just 500 metres from SHARKS BAY !!, and I can tell you that it is ridiculously hot. Charlie and I have been swimming/snorkeling in the Red Sea where the marine life is amazing, Charlie was really brave and swam beyond the drop off, more than would have ever dared at seven years old. It was and is almost too warm to at 34 degrees. The pools are even hotter, its like being at home in the bath, so much for the cold water acclimatisation we had been doing. I feel like that was a complete waste of time now, the 2000m freestyle race at Dover Regatta will certainly be a shock to the system after this. We are just having a little respite from the midday sun, so thought we would drop a line or two onto the blog. I am reading Marcia Cleveland's Dover Solo yet AGAIN ! its still a great read after 3 or more times, check Marcia's website to obtain a copy. We are going to try our best to get up earlier in the morning to do some laps before the water becomes too crowded and prior to the over protective lifeguards being about. The one bonus is that we or rather I am getting plenty of high calorie food down my neck in my weight gain efforts!! Best be off to drink some more beer and eat some ice-cream and cakes.....its a hard life.. but someone has to do it!!

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