Friday, 10 August 2007

need sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz

Okey dokey, landed at Manchester late last night, arrived home via KGB taxis by about 1.30 am, up for 7am and now we are packing to leave for The Dover Regatta 2000 metre race (some are calling it a sprint, but I a not so sure about that) another 340 miles down the road to go, I managed to get a few swims in Egypt but no real quality training as such, had a meeting with a 'jelly' at one point or so I thought, then realised it was a plastic carrier bag ....panic over ! the weeks rest has probably done me good, I am flapping a little about the change in temperature from 33 degrees to maybe 16. Whilst I know that is not cold, it will be a little shock to the system after a glorious weeks weather. Will update the blog on our return with pics and race report. Really looking forward to getting on swimmers beach.

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sam said...

Have to agree with the one one and only Hoffmeister im afraid Mark! A wall to wall and back can only be a sprint mate...sorry ;-) Well done for getting in and doing it having never swum in the harbour before. It was great to see you on "our" beach and hope you will be racing wall to wall lots more next May!
Good luck with your training and see you soon.

All the best
Sam x