Friday, 28 September 2007

Another one bites the dust

Busy week again as usual, but managed to get to Sunny Seaton on Tuesday for a nice swim at 13.5 degrees, (I forgot the camera) was a little bit anxious before getting in due to only swimming in the pool and lakes of late, but once in.. it wasn't too bad at all, the temperature felt fine, and I had a very relaxing swim, probably the most relaxed I have felt in the sea to date. Once out, I felt really refreshed.. so we will definitely try to keep this up as the winter approaches, that said, we have three days training in the Lake District in a fortnight, that is sure to be breath takingly chilly. I expect that to be the last of the swims of any decent length outdoors before we resort to quick dips just to keep the omens at bay. I am planning to just get in the sea/river/lake when possible for short swims throughout the winter, (even if its only ten minutes) the plan being that it will not feel so severe when the spring arrives and the temperature is up to 11 degrees again. I read somewhere that a minute in March is equal to an hour in August, with that in mind I am sure you understand the method in the madness.

Other news Michelle Macy completed her swim with Reg her Pilot on 22 September in the fantastic time of 10 hours and 2 minutes! Congratulations.........If you saw the Sunday Telegraph last week, you may have read the Channel Swimmers article in the supplement...One of the swimmers 23 year old Rebecca Lewis (she swam this year in an incredible 9 hours 35 mins !!!) is studying at University nearby, so we are in the process of arranging a chat so we can discuss training etc..

Also check Sally Gobles blog re her Isle of Wight relay swim....its a great read.

The shoulders seem fine, been a good weeks training so far.
The story continues...........

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Hoffy said...

Hi Mark, hope all is well. I got blog tagged by a lady called Picklesmum recently, and completed it on my channel swim blog site. I've now blog tagged you! It's just a game, and you now have to do the same on your blog. See mine for instructions! Cheers mate. Hoffy.