Friday, 21 September 2007

Less than 11 months to go.....

Hello again, yes that's right less than eleven months to go now until the big day (not that I am counting the days or anything you understand), time is already passing by rapidly and I just know that May will soon be upon us when it will be the start of the season at Dover, as far as training in the harbour.

Its been a tough week in the pool......I received some different swim sets to try make a change/break up the boredom of swimming inside at the gym, I have been spoilt with the outdoor sessions and the twenty five metre black line at 29 degrees is really not exciting at all. Therefore anything that increases the difficulty and interest is welcome. I have been against the clock most of the week and getting out of the water completely out of breath! Pleased to say the left shoulder has been absolutely fine. When it came to Wednesday night it was relaxing to attend a masters group and do some 400s concentrating on relaxed technique and length of stroke. I should easily manage the twenty thousand metres for this week though I am on nights all weekend so that might throw a spanner in the works.

On a positive note I am arranging for another session in the Lake District next month, the water temperature will be down a little further so it should be excellent training before the winter approaches. Weather permitting we will be going to The North Sea over the weekend too (its been terrible this week with a number of red flag days).

Fingers crossed for Michele Macy from the States who will be Swimming The Channel any day now, once she gets the nod from her pilot Reg. She is updating her blog on a daily basis so we are well informed. Other news this week; Charlie today received a package from Loraine to thank him for his efforts for Jack, included within was Charlies copy of Loraine's Channel Swim DVD, I have already viewed it several times, it's very inspirational, emotive and it so puts across the efforts of everyone concerned with the swim.

I am still deciding which Charitable cause to dedicate my Channel Swim to, there are a number of issues in mind but hopefully all will be arranged before too long.

Will post the weekly totals on Sunday together with anything else of interest.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,
I am once again truly humbled by your efforts to pass my story around ...Thank you once again and hey eleven months will soon be around and it will be your turn to SHINE which i am sure you will .Keep the faith ..... Regards Loraine

Anonymous said...

Hello Mark, Just checking in again to see how your doing. You should take up journalism, thats a quality interview with Loraine. What surprises me although it shouldn't is that there is a whole world out there of Channel swimmers, be it aspirants, multiple timers etc. Until you actually know someone personally who has that goal its hardly news. A bit like our old obsession really. Take care and as Loraine says "keep the faith" Mike

Anonymous said...

Unfotunately No sea swim as planned...just so you have it in writing though....I really don't mind walking the length and breadth of Seaton Carew, getting wet, covered in sand, windswept and approached by all sorts of colourful people!!! I also don't mind the daily pool visits nor the childcare juggling, babysitting and the nagging you to eat sufficiently. IT IS MY JOB!! Let's hope we can get to sunny seaton this week. KGB

Mark said...

KGB, Thankyou for your continued support, I couldnt possibly do this alone.

Mike, Jounalism....good joke, but yes its very like our old compulsive behaviour, you know me though, if you are going to be a bear...well you might as well be a grizzly!

Loraine, was my pleasure I learnt a lot, no doubt I will be back with more qustions before too long, thanks again.