Friday, 16 November 2007

All Systems Go...

After seven full days away from the water, today, I returned to the pool. After a very tentative warm up, I had a gentle, exploratory swim for about an hour to ease me back into the training regime and assess the progress of the recovery to my back injury. The spasm appears to be about 90% gone, though despite a ridiculously expensive mattress the pain is still present when I wake each morning. I have worked all week and have nights to contend with this weekend as I slowly get back into the routine. Hopefully by midweek I should be back to some quality work. We have a sea swim penciled in for Thursday, on which, as a result of the article in the local newspaper we may even have the company of another English Channel Swim Aspirant. I am still awaiting the photographs that appeared in The Hartlepool Mail which I will post on the blog on receipt.
We are also close to selecting the charitable cause for which I will try to raise some funds too, so slowly things are coming together. A couple of posts ago I also mention AquaSphere, they have very kindly donated a quantity of swim products for my use through the coming year, thank you to them for their generosity.


Anonymous said... I am uptodate!

He's to being back on track this week, not excuses...runny nose or not!!!


Anonymous said...

nice blog dad xxx