Thursday, 29 November 2007

Just Keep Swimming

Hello again,
Training is definitely back on song, had my longest session to date on Monday the 26th by way of a 10km swim with no side effects, I appreciate it's nothing like doing equal distance in open water be it Sea or Lake, but one thing it is good for is the mental side of training, it can be extremely boring swimming up and down a 25m pool... granted the images on poolside change from time to time, the occasional swimmers come and go, but generally speaking its me and my thoughts for a few hours, and that for me is very beneficial, also after a couple of hours.. parts of the shoulder can ache a little so its good to press on through the boredom and discomfort.

The article I have mentioned previously did appear in the Hartlepool Mail and raised some interest from local charities but we are yet to choose the worthy cause for which I will attempt to raise funds during my 2008 Channel Swim, the above photograph taken whilst swimming in the North Sea on November 8th appears with the permission of their editor, although its not the one that was featured with the article.

I had a pleasant email this week from American Adam Hazlett complimenting the blog and telling me about challenges that lay ahead for 2007, he too is swimming the Channel next year and his training etc. can be viewed at Good luck Adam!

Not a lot else to report, I am still trying hard to gain some body fat but its a difficult process when training hard at the same time, hopefully the Christmas season will add a few extra pounds that will hang around into the New Year. Any ideas are welcome...


Hoffy said...

Keep going Mark. You are doing all the right things. More than I am at the moment. I haven't swum since Dover on November 3rd due to a large steel rod in my finger. It's being taken out tomorrow but getting back into training will be difficult due to the long lay off.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards.


Lynne Smith said...

Your positive attitude is so motivating! Please keep posting the great pictures and blog stories - it is fun to track your progress. Can't wait to watch you swim the impossible Mark!

Lynne Smith