Sunday, 30 December 2007

"I don't belieeeve it"

I was telling you it was a little busy wasn't I !? Well, Sunday arrived and I wanted to try to get back to Seaton for a quick dip as planned without the hassles of the masses on Boxing Day, as usual it was a mad rush to get to the coast and be back for other events. We quickly packed the dry bag, grabbed the flask and sped off (via MacDonald's to fill the flask en route). Charlie was not impressed and demanded to stay in the car!

On arrival we walked to the waters edge, the sea being almost at low tide, it looked pretty rough and I was not looking forward to getting bashed about, after a little soul searching and a kick in the butt from Kelly I began to strip..............................then a Victor Meldrew moment..."I don't believe it" I had only left home without one vital piece of equipment - my trunks!! Ha ha.. a valid reason not to bother or so I thought. Just when I thought God was on my side I quickly had ear bashing from Kelly "if you think I have come here for you to shirk this swim you are mistaken, now get in there with your pants on, you have no choice in the matter, now get in"
That was me told good and proper..she was correct, I had no choice... off with the rest of the clothes and into the water as quick as I could.. together with my undies..what a sight.

The water was very rough, but I am pleased that I had won the mental fight and gotten into the 7 degree water, I managed to get my breathing sorted and was able to have a brief (pardon the pun) swim. The conditions were shocking, then however, another stroke of luck! I was swimming parallel to the shore when I was tossed around by a breaking wave, my goggles went missing, so I thought I had better walk to shore and get out. I was beyond shoulder depth hence my hands were under water..then, miraculously, the goggles wrapped them selves around my what were the chances of that?!. I stayed in a few more minutes with my pants dropping to my knees with every passing wave..then exited with my skin the colour of a lobster.

It was tough to even get in, I had lots of mantras in my head and the suggestion of 'a minute equals an hour' ringing in my ears. Kelly reminded me the 'Grand Channel Swim Plan' was to continue getting into the cold water even if it was just for a couple of minutes, so that it didn't feel so bad come the spring.

I am home now and well warmed through. I feel great to have made it into the water and must do more of the same throughout the winter. That will be the last outdoor swim for 2007. All that remains it to wish you all a happy healthy and successful 2008. Happy training.

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Maggie said...

Hi Mark

All I want to say is well done Kelly !!! It's good to have someone to support you every step of the way and if she ever feels like coming up to Scotland and giving my arse a kick i wont be in lol you wouldnt catch me swimming in my undies id scare the fish away haha