Monday, 28 January 2008

Another Piece of the Jigsaw..

Not a lot I can say in response to that post from KGB, other than to offer my sincere thanks for the help and support I continually receive.

Main thing taking place this week is the doctors appointment re the required medical in order to officially book my swim with the CSA Ltd. I don't imagine any problems but I will be glad when its done so I can get the documents and the funds (it ain't cheap) sent off to the secretary as soon as possible.

It has not been possible to swim today and the same will apply tomorrow (work and school) so I have pencilled in a bigger session for Wednesday (might do the 100 x 100 or a Marcy set depending how I feel) ..I will be free after the morning school run until I begin work at 9pm, so there is plenty of scope and no real valid reasons not to attempt a decent session.
The weekly swim figures (that's numbers not curves) are getting back to normal after the Christmas period and ear issues, I was pleased to do the 24.6km last week and had some real good workouts. The month of January is all but over and the clock is already accelerating at break neck speed.

I must make more effort to improve my nutrition (weight gain) and firm up my plans/permissions for outdoor swim locations. Other than that things are ticking along nicely, I am really looking forward to SandyCove though I know it will be a massive test.

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Maggie said...

Well done Kelly keep up the good work and if your ever short of a job Scotland isn't too far away. I could do with an ear bashing from time to time. Hope to see you both sometime soon if not in Dover !!

Maggie x