Tuesday, 8 January 2008

This is the year ..

Its 2008 already, I remember making my initial plans for all of this in 2006, thinking it was 'miles' away, and making my first contact with Andy (my skipper/pilot) yet as usual with this sort of thing, the time has flown by and the year in question has finally arrived. Less than eight months now and the big day will be upon us all.

Not sure if I've mentioned this previously, but whilst looking for something or other on the Internet (about a month ago) I came across the website of Kaise Stefan I was a little spooked to read he lives in a town named 'Fairfield' in Australia. (we live in Fairfield in the UK), not only that, he is swimming the Channel this year and his pilot is also Andy King. The reason I mention this now is that today I received a nice email from Kaise. I am sure it will be worth your while to have a look at his website, its on the links or the hyperlink above. Thanks Kaise..

A few days ago multiple Channel Swimmer, Marcy Macdonald from the USA posted and email on the Channel Swimmers Group with a 'New Years' training set, (the details of which I wont go into), suffice to say after a little consultation via email with her, the total distance was going to be 18. 200 km / 11.3 miles, this was to be a jump from the 10km I completed on 26th November 2007 but I decided to give it a go. I was in the water yesterday for 7am and swam the set as arranged climbing out 5 hours and 50 minutes later. The shoulders ached after about 4 hours and the mental boredom followed soon after, so again it was good mental training and psychologically it was of great benefit. In addition to that, the lengthy swim allowed me the opportunity to test out feeding/hydration. I wanted to experience the discomfort once more, which kicks in after a while. Encouraged that my shoulders seemed to last much longer before any pain issues, I remember being pleased the first time I swam 6km ! so all in all it tells me I am on track.
Its not possible to do long swims outside at this time of the year, usually my pool swims are all about a warm up followed by a series of sprints over say 100, 200 and 400 metres. So, it was a nice change and feel boosted mentally by yesterdays efforts; similar to the feeling after a 100 mile bike ride last year. Thanks Marcy..

School has commenced and training can restart fully; everyone at work now knows about the swim as I posted a message on the internal system, hoping for some support for J-A-C-K.

I'm still waiting for bank details etc with regard to the charity but am assured it will be up and running very soon.


Jevon said...

18.5km in a pool ? Sounds like being a bloody lab rat to me, mate ! Well done. I guess it's a 25m pool? Do you have an arrangement with theml where they rope off a lane for you? speak soon. J.

Mark said...

Hiya Jev
its the pool at David Lloyds Teesside, yes its only 25m but its laned off on a permanent basis, learner, slow and fast lanes. Try again tomorrow..thanks...Mark

CresceNet said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Markie!

Joe here, like said i'll sponsor you! i bet it's coming all too soon! i think i'll swim it with you next time, maybe 2013 or 2014. Hoe old do you have to be? Oh well. You could smuggle me in :P

See you soon! ~~Joe

Anonymous said...

nice dad hope it goes well
char xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark
Just found your blog, Nick mentioned it, it's fab. Well done with all the training so far and good luck with the channel swim. What do you think about for that length of time? I get bored after half an hour of breaststroke! I will definitely sponsor you, a fantastic cause. Take care and happy swimming, I'll be thinking of you next time I do a couple of lengths in the local pool!
Ked. x