Saturday, 2 February 2008

Just a quickie...

Managed to drag my sorry butt out of bed yesterday after night shifts to get to the GP for my CSA medical, went fine except for the fact that the Doc wanted to send me for a chest X-Ray (I had a chest infection in March 2006!!) So off to the local Hospital slip in hand to get the job sorted, only to find that the Doc hadn't signed the said slip, back to the surgery for the autograph and return to the X-Ray department. I understand it was fine and now await the written report before submitting the papers to the CSA Ltd, I am quite hopeful that my nice understanding Doc might just wave the recommended fee of £165 though there is no way I am going to get away with not paying for the X-Ray and report (I told you it wasn't cheap on the last post).

Ned emailed to state that there are 52 swimmers for Cork ...brrrrrrr

Training has been a bit stop start this week, should hit 20k though and over 100km for the month of January so not too bad.......back soon......just keep swimming, so they say.....

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Jevon said...

Hey Mark
glad all's going well. Sorry haven't been in touch. Have been grumpy recently as not able to swim due to shoulder injury. Back in the thick of it now though and seems to be going well. Will be building up the swim again and turning my mind to you know what.
Keep up with all the hard work... not long to go.