Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Minor Setback ?

Things have been ticking along nicely with three fairly consistent weeks at 21, 25, and 30km and I have been fortunate enough to get in a few lengthy sessions with no side effects, normally I start all pool swims with a one kilometre warm up, my shoulders usually feel like they are stuffed with rice crispies for the first 15 minutes after which I am sorted...until this morning that is, I had planned to do session before work so was in the pool by 6.30 ish only to have some moderate to disturbing pain in the middle head of the right deltoid. I decided to cut short the swim rather than aggravate the situation. I sat in the sauna a while and applied liberal amounts of tiger balm to the effected area then departed for work. I was on a development day which meant 'death by PowerPoint'. I have now returned home and applied more embrocation and intend to take some nsaids to ease any inflammation and hopefully the pain. Having pencilled in a biggish swim for Thursday before nights I am now in limbo and waiting to see how the shoulder develops over the next few days.

As you might imagine I am disappointed at this set back but hope it is minor...like other injuries, they are inevitable with the amount of training as my body adapts, better for this to happen now than in the summer.

Links....If you want to see a stack of swim related articles you gotta have a look at the website Swim Like a Fish, its packed with interesting stuff... in addition to that, I recently found Anne Steele's website, it is definitely worth a read, she too swam last year with my skipper Andy King. So I was delighted to again see yet more positive comments, her link has been added to the right hand side together with the others. I have also been keeping an eye on Chris Pountney's website who also swims later this year...... more news when I have it.


Jevon said...

Don't worry about the shoulder, Mark. But rest up until it's sorted. YOu've done all the training... listen to your body if it needs a rest.
Lovin' your description of 'rice krispy shoulder'!

stevo said...

hey hope the shoulder aint too bad hopefully it will be ok with some rest. keep up the good work. steve

Mark said...
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