Wednesday, 26 March 2008

19 weeks....That's all..

Easter came and went with the same alarming momentum that has built since the onset of 2008. I was having a glance over my swimming figures and was happy enough to see last weeks 25 km coupled with another twenty minutes in the North Sea at 44F.

This week has started OK too, surprisingly the pool I usually use was open on Easter Monday so I managed to get there for a rather rushed (65mins) 4000m around 6pm, whilst Kelly kindly looked after Charlie. I took Tuesday off from Training having swam for 8 days consecutive. Being that I am nights tonight (Wednesday 26th) I decided to get the pool early for a reasonable session this morning. On arrival I was disappointed to find the water temperature up to 31 degrees, uncomfortably warm for anything more than a sprint. Then, after an hour or so the pumps started churning something out that clouded the once clear water, after two more hours, I again experienced some irritation to my throat and chest due the over chlorinated water. That was enough for me to call it a day rather than risk trauma to the respiratory system. 11km -3 hours and 5 minutes. Not what I had planned but better than nothing. No adverse effects to the shoulder.

The fluctuating temperature, over chlorinated water and the lack of policing/management of the lanes have in fact resulted in me cancelling my membership, it's due to expire at the end of April, by which time hopefully I will be doing a lot more open water swimming. In addition to that, as luck would have it, a 50metre pool is due to open in Sunderland at the end of April. Whilst it's a 45 mile drive am sure it will be well worth a visit.

Looking at the calender its now only 19 weeks 'til the beginning of my tides to swim the English Channel. I have been training exclusively in the water for 36 weeks, to date I have swam just short of 700 kilometres. I realise the hard work is yet to come as the cold water season begins in earnest in May, but feel reasonably relaxed at the moment with the knowledge that everything is now arranged.

Many thanks to those who have began donating online, I really appreciate your generosity as does the Joining Against Cancer in Kids Charity. Also a big thank you to all of my Corporate Sponsors especially those who wish to remain anonymous.


Anonymous said...

wow that is so exciting! i cant beleive it is only 19 weeks to go.. not sure whether to be excited or terrified!

Chris said...

go mark go

Cagri said...

Good luck mate!