Thursday, 13 March 2008

Back on track

All things considered it has been a reasonably productive few days. I resumed normal pool training after what I will term a recovery period. I only swam 10.5km last week as I was letting my right shoulder rest. The injury is going to be a long term issue, it is under control, with a few adjustments, some treatment and a little luck I can keep it in check.

I eased back into things with a couple of shorter sessions Monday and Tuesday then had a nice steady swim of 10,000m yesterday, no real issues after this longer swim which lasted about 2hour 45 minutes. I did not get to the sea on Tuesday either, I dare say we could have squeezed in a visit, but it would have been a mad rush so I opted for the pool instead.

A week or so ago, Jonathon Storer (top violinist) emailed the Channel Group asking for suggested swim locations in the Tyneside area, now whilst we in the region of an hour south of that location, I thought it reasonable to invite him to Sunny Seaton when we made our next visit. We arranged to meet at 9.20 am today (Thursday 13th) weather permitting. At 08:15 I called Coastwatch Redcar to be informed it was a lovely day and the sea was slight but more or less flat. I sent Joni a text and before long we met up in a desolate car park to have what would be Jonathon's first sea swim of the year.

He was very positive in the car park and new the conditions were do able, we entered the water under the watchful eye of KGB, at which point Jonathon realised just what he had let himself in was showing 44 degrees (6.7C) on my wristwatch...after a little verbal encouragement he began to breaststroke and before long we were both front crawling parallel to the shore. I was very aware this was going to be tough (for us both) and was a little more relaxed when Joni was back on terra firma being looked after by KGB. I swam for fifteen minutes then joined Jonathon and Kelly on the beech where we dressed before returning to the cars for hot drinks (and shivers) before we parted. Joni made and excellent start and promised to return soon.


joniS said...

Hey Mark!
Thanks for your patience with a newbie. Been loving the glow of satisfaction of having started the 6 month journey in ernest.
Kelly is great and so supportive!
Looking forward to meeting up soon.
Oh, inspired by the day's events I decided to throw myself at city Pool in Newcastle.At only 2.5k,not exactly a huge session but still it keeps the average yardage up.
Nice blog, by the way.If only I were half as comp literate as you....

Mark said...

for the record I am a newbie too, just that I have been preparing/planning for the best part of two years, glad you enjoyed the dip, no messing about next time though!! no good walking around complaining ! the pain so goes and like you said, you feel great all day afterwards..
see you next time..Mark n Kelly

Anonymous said...

...thanks for keeping the training to a minimum yesterday, for a trip round M&S underwear department! I need all the thermal vests and pants I can get when combing the chilly Seaton shores!
My full support is given, as always, and includes those who dare venture out with us too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wasn't complaining!It was very cold though. Just had another dip.Duridge bay.Perfect conditions, except for the fact that I had to run out c.100m to be able to swim.Its so flat out there.Maybe why it also felt a bit less cold(can't exactly say warm!). Think I managed about 12 mins but wish I'd done more.Didn't scream as much this time neither!
I'll be around and up for a sesh 20-24 if you've got the time.
Cheers,J P.S.KGB, at least its getting warmer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark. Good luck with your training & hope that shoulder holds up. I will be in Dover for the second half of August to second a friend of mine, who's having a go at a double - maybe we can get together for a cup of coffee or a beer at the White Horse after your swim. regards Andy Pfaff