Monday, 31 March 2008

Bishopton Lake

Over the weekend, like every other day for the last year (at least!) I was chatting with KGB about the swim, training, nutrition etc when the subject inevitably came around to acclimatisation. I was expressing a little concern re future plans as we build towards August with particular reference to open water sessions, the question being: would we have time to schedule sufficient, without too much disruption to her own regimes of gym, pool, work and motherhood.

After some debate we fully agreed that I will not swim in the North Sea no matter how good the conditions appear to be, without the presence of a shore walker/post swim carer. However..I am allowed to swim in Bishopton Lake. On the understanding that I inform the Surf Store of my intentions and that I report back afterwards. Without further ado I called the boss at the store to confirm permission re use of the Lake, as last year, he kindly agreed without hesitation.

Monday 31st March I awoke to a frosty windscreen on the car (I don't actually sleep in the car but you get the message) the sky was clear and very blue, even the sun was shining, amazing, a day off work with decent weather.. a rare combination.

Just after noon I drove the 3 miles to Bishopton, where I re-introduced myself to the staff having not attended since last July (see first blog entry) and was given the go ahead. Being that it was such a pleasant day the lake was free from any other wind related activity. I strolled the very short distant to the waters edge through a field of young lambs, it was silent but for the bleats of the sheep and quacks from the ducks/geese on the water.
I secured my clothes in the dry bag in order to prevent theft by Mr or Mrs Wool, and waded into the very still water, it felt rather weird in comparison to Seaton. I am quite used to getting a face full of salt water and a bashing from the waves, but this was bliss in comparison. I breast-stroked through a little weedy patch in the shallower water, then began freestyle. I soon forgot about the geese who I initially expected to be annoyed at a swimmer in their lake.

The sun was blinding, and I was wishing I had tinted lenses. The lake is relatively small at around 380 metres but it was so much better than the pool. My watch was registering 48F (around 8.9C) it was therefore about 2C warmer than the North Sea which surprised me. The only interruptions were the odd weeds around the throat! After 35 minutes I returned to the tranquility of the shore. I hadn't taken a flask as I thought, with the short drive home it wasn't worth it. Big mistake. I got major shivers during the drive home and should really have waited before setting off. A lesson learnt but all in all a very beneficial session.

Aerial view of the lake and route of swim (numerous laps).


Anonymous said...

...well done and YES you should have waited till your body have recovered! Hope to be there for the next out door swim. KGB xx

cagri said...

I've never felt 9C, is it any different than 15C mark?

Mark said...

Thanks KGB...maybe same in the morning x

Mark said...

Hiya Cagri,
oh yes its a different world!
15 would be lovely in comparison

Thanks for commenting


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark!
Sounds like a viable alternaive!
I was seriously told off by my better half for going out for a brisk 15mins at longsands recently - in spite of perfect conditions(except that it was 6.8c) and a bunch of wet suited surfers within 50meters of me.Apropos 50m, I'll be at the Sunny swimming pool at 0730 on the 21st.Meeting with Paul Hogg(the coach I mentioned) Hopefully I'll get a few pointers as how to plough through the water a bit faster.Might even have a chance of keeping up with you then!

Mark said...

cool .......enjoy malta joni boy, see you on your return

Maggie said...

Well done Mark ! and I know someone else just like you that at the first sign of being in the wrong lol or a lovers tiff goes out to his car and sleeps, must be something to do with the football team you both support tut! you should think of picking a better team.
Keep up the good work Kel but next time he heads out to his car hide his car keys and let him sleep in the garden [EVIL GRIN!] hehehe

Maggie x

selin said...

Wow, 8.9°! I can't even get the courage to get in 10° with a wetsuit.. Lot's of work to do! I'll read your blog from the start, get a good knowledge on all the preparation! Good Luck already!