Thursday, 6 March 2008

Every Cloud.......

At the start of the week I decided to allow my shoulder a little respite and made the firm decision to stay away from the pool for a few days, maybe even the full week. Not that it was going to be a complete lay off you understand....I read/heard somewhere that cold temperatures be it cold water or air affect the body in may ways, one of which is the increased blood supply and associated accelerated healing which can result.

So with this in mind and the shoulders more or less feeling OK, I fought the urge to return too quickly to the pool. Instead, Kelly and I took the first window of opportunity to travel to Seaton and re commence the acclimatisation process proper. Now Tuesday was not warm, there was a possibility of snow forecast and the wind was strong and bitter. See below..

When we arrived at the coast it could clearly be seen that the westerly wind and the sea were in battle as a result of which the conditions were far from ideal. I got into the water for the planned dip, with the figure of ten minutes in mind, I had great fun diving under the breakers and swells though I almost lost my goggles a few times and the ice cream head was a killer! I had a reading of 43 degrees (6.1C) on my watch, and exited the water after 12 minutes. My hands were painful as we walked back to the car, but the warming didn't seem to take long at all and soon the hands were fine. A good start...........

Wednesday was Charlies club night at the pool, where all the young ones were doing a sponsored session to raise funds for the club. Charlie swam his first full kilometre, so I was really pleased and proud for him..Well done son x

Today (Thursday the 6th) I managed to get away from work a little early and again we made a visit to Seaton. The conditions were far calmer, though the water was much the same temperature wise, I obviously had the previous twelve minutes in mind, so entered the water hoping to stretch to 15 on this occasion. After twenty minutes I swam to shore feeling great, my body/core was fine though my hands and feet were telling a different story. The warming took a while, probably not helped by the fact that as we returned to the car for some hot sweet tea, the HiFi turned itself on and began to play the 'Foreigner Track' 'You're as Cold as Ice !' now that was funny..I was delighted to have swam for longer and figured out how to fight the brain freeze after advice from Ned Denison last night on the phone ...cheers Ned, it works a treat.

So there we have it, the cloud lying over my head regarding the shoulder that was causing some concern was indeed silver lined, it feels normal again now and two cold swims as an added bonus..more next week as and when other commitments permit..

Thanks again to Kell for watching over me and listening to my moans and groans that you are so quick to point out !!x


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark ,
Over the months it can be seen and appreciated that your confidence is growing day by day and I am so looking forward to being there during the challenge ahead and I am also pleased that you are enjoying training !!!
...Keep the faith and the rest will fall into place , the cold water swims that you are doing are awesome !!! I am sure twin Kel is doing a great job looking after you as always .........I miss her funny antics but i am sure we will meet up soon !
Warmest regards

Mark said...

Hey Loraine, thanks for the comments, positive as usual, it is getting exciting now and I can actually see the target which once seemed so very far in the distance, looking forward to you coming up to stay with us to show us how to drink AGAIN.. keep in touch...Mark

Anonymous said...

Good effort mate on the cols swims keep it going.
all the best Malla

Mark said...

Cheers Daz...bout time you commented.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark

I just saw the DVD of Lorraine's swim last year and it looks like you have got yourself a fantastic team there! Lorraine's swim was very impressive, you probably couldn't ask for a better support swimmer. And Andy a very good and encouraging pilot. I think your gonna be just fine!


Brent Hobbs said...

Hello Mark. Thank you for leaving a comment on my Blog. My email address is Looks like you are on track for a very successful Channel swim. I too am being piloted by Andy King. What do you know about him? Where abouts in England was that picture taken with the pounding surf?
Happy training