Friday, 4 April 2008


I would not say I am one for figures (numbers not curves) or clock watching, however, everything at the moment seems to revolve around them. What with metres covered in the pool, minutes in the open water, not forgetting time before the big day. Its already day 95 of 2008, I have only 18 weeks that’s 125 days remaining until the beginning of my tides. Pretty scary in some ways, not only the short amount of time remaining to prepare and to gain some more fat, but also the fact that almost a third of the year has gone already, grief, it will be Christmas before we know it!

Headed off alone to Bishopton Lake again this morning after the school run, got there to find a strong head wind as I looked out onto the choppy water, as it lapped around my feet. I reasoned that it would be easier on the return legs. I stripped and readied my self for action, must say, it is much tougher getting into the water when there is no one else around, hopefully it forms part of the mental training. Managed to swim much smoother and stronger today and remained in the water for 40 minutes. I was surprised at the reading on my watch indicating 50 degrees F, that is an increase of 2 degrees F since Monday. However the lake is reasonably shallow and I expect it will drop just as quickly during the anticipated poor weather this weekend. The air temperature was lower today, so that coupled with the wind left me feeling satisfied with todays open water effort, granted it is not the sea, but I explained the safety reasons in the previous post regarding swimming in the sea.

Once warmed through I attended the pool where I completed some sprints and drills, a good week thus far, pity I am nights all weekend, that said I am happy enough with the totals for the week and two swims at the Lake. Consistency in the key….I think?!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,
Consistency is the key! Enjoy this build up to the actual day soon it will only be in your memory.You have been doing all the right things and have the strength and courage to complete this event....but as i will say again and again enjoy it too it is an awesome feeling !
With the support of your crew especially Kel( your backbone) most of the pressures of that day will be taken away the only one left will be the actual swim wherein that will be the only one down to you and once again as i have no doubt at all .....YOU WILL SUCCEED !!!!!Keep on track you are doing brilliantly
Warm Regards

P.s Miss the twin !!! :)

Mark said...

thanks Loraine
we are looking forward to seeing you in dover soon
mark n kgb