Sunday, 13 April 2008

Is That It?

Not a lot to report this time, its been week one of a two week school holiday, therefore training has taken a step back, Charlie has also been ill, so what with that and work, its been a stop start 7 days. Had one brief visit with the kids to Bishopton Lake on Thursday 10th and swam for 31 mins at 9.1 degrees which no side effects, just 3 pool swims over the weekend, I still managed to hit the bare minimum of 20km so not all bad news, more of the same in the coming week I expect.

Many thanks to all those who have been generous enough to donate online thus far and also to those who have pledged on the numerous paper forms in circulation. Also a big thankyou to Gary Dean of GLG Cycles who has very kindly donated enough Maxim to last me through this years training and the swim itself! Please spread the word and help me to raise more pennies for J-A-C-K it truly is a worthy cause.


Chris said...

is that sheep standing on that boat?

Michelle Macy said...

GO MARK GO. Sounds like training is going very well. Short breaks are good for the soul and shoulders.

Vasanti said...

All the best for your training - its an inspiring diary, and I am sure you are doing well so far. There is still enough time to intensify. Looking forward to the first Dover weekend in May, hopefully.