Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Tough Day

Yesterday we were blessed with unseasonal sunshine and I was so tempted to squeeze in an outdoor swim, deciding against it and not wanting to be accused of being a fair weather swimmer I spent the afternoon/evening with Charlie and Champions League Football.

So... after two more or less forced rest days due mainly to work and Daddy commitments, I was in the fortunate position to pick and choose todays training as work doesn't commence til 9pm. Weather wise it was a completely different story, Air Temp 6C, overcast, dull and generally miserable. I opted for Bishopton, got to the lake for 10am, had a quick word with the Surf Store staff and headed my usual start point.

Then the rain started, I was shaking before I even entered the water, I wasn't sure if it was nerves or cold, but was telling myself to get a grip. Packing my clothes away into the dry bag I figured I would be better off in the water! I warned those thieving sheep to stay away from my things and walked in. As I previously stated, it is so much easier when one has company, being alone presents so many more mental challenges, I guess its all good training as I will not be in that position be it in Cork or The English Channel.

My route around the lake was different today, more of a triangular circuit, in order to prevent a bit of boredom. My watch was reading 50F (10 degrees C) so it was far from the coldest water, however the fact that it was now raining and lousy certainly made it feel cooler. When the sun does shine, it lifts my whole being. I stayed in the water and swam continuously for 60mins, it was tough towards the end, I was telling myself the pain would soon pass when I left the water and that it was excellent training. I am delighted to have completed my first open water hour of 2008. More of the same to follow now that I have negotiated that hurdle.

Other news: had a nice email from Freda Streeter re training at Dover, I am really looking forward to our first visit on the weekend 7/8 June.


Lisa Cummins said...

Hi Mark...
Thanks for your comments on my blog...I meant to reply to your first one and it totally slipped my mind! I've been reading through yours too...your training seems to be coming along really well. Congrats on making that one-hour marker on Wednesday, especially in the rain and cold!
Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time here in Cork!

Neal Mueller said...

Congrats on your hour in 50F. The channel is warmer so this is truly wonderful training! Glad the sheep didn't thieve your knickers.

Michelle said...

Dang it. I've been trying to keep up with your outdoor training. I put in 45 minutes and you had to go and show off with an hour. Now I know I have to do at least an hour this coming weekend.

Congrats on your swim.