Monday, 19 May 2008


The last 10 days have been painful to say the least, my emotions have been 'through the mill' as a result of a family bereavement, those close to me know to whom I am referring. Today was no different in terms of dealing with grief. I have had some very supportive emails and I thankyou for kinds words and support.

Swim wise... I had few outdoor sessions last week, two in the salty North Sea (one of which was in extremely rough conditions), one in the fresh water of the lake, (which was too warm and very weedy after all the sunshine of late), together with some intervals at the pool it was easy enough to hit 20km...though my state of mind and motivation has been at almost an all time low, so mentally it was very hard to go training.

I am hoping to have a bit of a taper week, leading up to this coming weekend in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland, where I will be taking part in the Irish Champion of Champions event, all in all it should be around 16km in the Atlantic at 9 to 14C, there is a large entry and we are more than ready for the break after recent events.

The trip is and always has been planned as a training event as well as a test, I am hoping that my progress and cold water acclimatisation proves to be on track. Or at least heading in the right direction. I realise it will be a very very hard days 'training' however it will tell me a great deal about my level of fitness etc. The intention is to use the trip as an information gathering exercise as well as a social one. I have always had a great affinity with Irish and used to visit regularly as a child, it will be great to return to the Emerald Isle, from where it is hoped I return with good news and a positive frame of mind.

I will post a report on our return with plenty of photos.


Hoffy Swims said...

Mark. I'm sure that anyone reading your blog will find it hard to comment on such a difficult and emotional time for you. But, this far into your goal, you will I am sure find the strength from somewhere to dedicate your swim to the person you have lost. I wish you well.


Mark said...

Cheers Hoffy, now I must crack on and do this for her memory, I promised I would......