Thursday, 8 May 2008


With the UK experiencing what feels like a mini heatwave, this week has been great for swimming outdoors, as you know we were in the Lakes Monday and Tuesday, I was just hoping that wasn't to be then end of the long awaited British Summer! It certainly was not, and we have been blessed with glorious weather since. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had a brief swim at Bishopton Lake, where as a result of the sunshine, the water temperature had shot up to 62F, I was disappointed at this as I know it will soon be pointless swimming at that location due to it being way warmer than the English Channel. With that information to hand, I called Joni and we agreed to cancel our scheduled one hour there, but to meet at Seaton instead. That way we could return to the salt water and see how things have improved since our previous visit.

As can be witnessed from the above picture, the weather was outstanding, blue skies, sandy beaches, it could have been anywhere in the world but for the industry which will remain out of shot!. We had planned to meet for 1pm allowing an hour swim before heading off to make the school run, Joni was delayed due to circumstances beyond his control, this meant water entry was put back til 1:35...we swam in big swells for 30minutes at 52F, we both agreed that the water felt great, that the sunshine made a world of difference and that we must return as soon as possible.
We exited the water and made an excellent recovery as we had hoped for after only 30 minutes, though this would have been a different story last year, I really think the acclimatisation is starting to take effect, long may it continue.

Today was also the first time we met Jonis Kiwi girlfriend who accompanied KGB on her normally lonesome vigil, a great day with more of the same to follow at the earliest opportunity

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