Friday, 20 June 2008

Another week gone..7 to go

Just a brief diary type entry...this week has been rather full of everything but swimming, on Doctors advice Charlie has remained away from school this week for the protection of his arm. Therefore training has kind of taken a back seat, not such a bad thing after almost eight hours at the weekend, though now I am chomping at the bit to get back into the water.

Monday and Tuesday I was working days followed by child care, Wednesday I had another physio session with Gary Hinchely at Norton and Thursday I had the briefest of swims at Seaton Carew just to take part in a work related press release /photo shoot for the local media regarding the swim, my employers have been completely supportive hence I could not deny them the opportunity for some positive press, in addition to raising the profile of J-A-C-K.
For what its worth the sea yesterday was pan flat, the sun was shining but the wind was strong, the water was around 58F on my watch, for all it was brief, its is still good to get some cold water on the skin. I am hoping to get a longer swim either Sunday or early next week. Earlier this week I wrote a post to the Channel Swimmers Email Group regarding a swimming Lake Windermere sometime in the next fortnight but there seems to be little interest, so I guess its Seaton from now on prior to the three weekends at Dover, where I know Freda will ask for 7/6 hour swims on each occasion.


Enda Kennedy said...

Hi Mark

You sound in good form. You are raising money for a great cause in JACK, AND I ADMIRE THAT. Children are one third of our populatiuon but are all our future. Like you I am RAISING FUNDS for children our National Hospital for Paedeatrics in Ireland. WWW.CMRF.ORG

I have charlies jersey just framed today. I may wait til im bACk from spain to send or i may bring it to england on the 18/19/20/ july w/end. Its his as- i Know MAGGIE really wants it for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You keep strong mark. talk when i get back from holidays. regards to Kelly and charlie

Enda K

Mark said...

Benjy you are too kind...please post on your blog the easieast way to donate to your chosen have a great time in Spain with your family, hope too meet up again soon in Dover, we are there 5th 12th and 26th July, we will be as always at Hubert wishes...Mark Kell and Charlie

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) said...

Interesting article in the Northern Echo. I did not realize you were a cop. From your profile I previously thought you did something with dogs, but now I guess you must wonder round with a big alsatian or something like that. In England I don't remember ever having friends who were policemen (I was a lot younger then and a bit more wary of them, since it was difficult to always have my batteries working on my bicycle lights, etc.), and maybe I might have looked like some good-for-nothing guy then! My joke about Seaton Carew some time ago had no malicious intent! Well, it was a bit of a laugh reading that news while in Taiwan, and seeing the policemen talking with a straight face about it at the press conference. Anyway, it is good to be in touch with you, and hope the training is coming along, in spite of all the other demands of life.

Mark said...

thanks Bruce
the less said about my job the better! hence i never mention it..I know what you mean by Darwin, I thought it was a hoax all along...just been there now but way too rough, just had a dip for 20 mins or so...bit dangerous..

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,
Fantastic blogs all along!!!!!As usual you are showing great strength despite hurdles.... Keep the faith and I still remain absolutely sure that your success is less than 8 weeks away.
Looking forward to seeing you soon
Warm regards as always ,

Mark said...

Hi Loriane,
thankyou...looking forward to meeting up soon, been watching your dvd AGAIN! take care and see you shortly..dont work too hard, you need the energy to look after the twin on the boat!