Friday, 11 July 2008

Almost there

It is now twelve months since that logistical nightmare otherwise known as Ironman Austria...for those who don't remember, Good old Air France delayed our flights for nine hours, then they lost our luggage including race kit, when we finally arrived at the hotel it was locked up so we had to sleep in the car, at dawn I had to re buy everything needed for the event the next day by which time all we could get to eat was pizza! Not ideal preparation.

Well that was a year ago now, albeit I was training for the English Channel prior to the Ironman, real training began immediately what seems like a flash of time I have now been training exclusively for the big day for 52 weeks. Having covered over 900km, and previously been pushed to extremes in the military and other events, I feel that I am now finally getting into the zone and hope for two more successful weekends of training at Dover. Followed by some good weather and finally putting myself in the hands of my pilot.

This weekend has the potential to be the most difficult yet with possibility of a split channel swim comprising 7 hours Saturday followed by 6 Sunday. My arms/shoulders are still recovering from last weeks battering by waves and walls of water. So its fingers crossed for reasonable weather, If I can adopt the right mental approach things will be manageable.

I am just off to pack the car now for our usual drive to the south coast in an hour or so. I will report back with Dover4 as soon as possible.

Good luck to all those swimmers and pilots who are waiting for the weather break. You are almost there...

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Sally Goble said...

Hey Mark

Just read your blog about your six hour qualifier! Really well done on working through your issues and getting back into the water on Sat, and completing the swim on Sunday. Great stuff.

Do not for one moment think that you are the only one to think these dark thoughts and have a bad time. Everyone does - absolutely everyone. The thing to remember is that you can get over it and everything passes. One minute you can be happy, the next miserable as sin - and vice versa! So for every bleak moment just work through it. Same on your swim as in the harbour.

Good luck this weekend - may bump into you in the harbour this weekend - I'll be there with my relay team.