Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Days to do are getting few...

Sunday 20 July 2008
15 x 21 C
Have now had two nights with flu type symptoms, waking up through the night soaking wet followed by the shivers and unable to get warm, difficulty swallowing, ear neck and glands ache, shoulder still not good despite the rest, think my immune system has took a hammering of late? Took some positive inspiration from Ed Williams by way of his diary entries on the build up to his 2006 Solo Swim. Hoping the flu clears up, want to get to Seaton in the morning after the school run for a one hour swim. Managed to get some more fortisip. Spoke to Enda and Joni on text.. both swam 7 hours Saturday in Dover harbour then 6 and 3 hours respectively Sunday well done boys I am impressed.

Monday 21 July
A couple of cold sweats but better than previous night. must be better for Dover5. Took Charlie to school for his last day in year 3, non uniform day,… Just back from Seaton was so rough unable to get beyond breakers to actually swim much to the relief of the beach lifeguards went into the water and dived under the breakers for about 20 minutes just to feel the cold water on my skin, was tough and yet funny getting in, lots of talking out loud! strolled out and chatted with the guards before having a shiver for ten minutes in the car as I chatted to Joni Storer on the phone, amazing what difference it makes when not swimming to generate heat, Watch said 57F 14C actual maybe 55F. Will try again Tuesday. Had an email from Jenni at Hubert House, great news.. we will be in The Georgian Suite this weekend. Also Andrea Joynes handed over £147 for the JACK foundation from customers in her salon. Many thanks…Text from Andrae Dent states cheque donation for J-A-C-K from St. Patricks Primary to be presented in September..excellent.

Tuesday 22 July
Better nights sleep, no sweats/shivers. Charlie spending day with his mum today, so headed to Seaton intending 1 hour session, arrived to see tide well out and big rollers coming in but much better than yesterday, eventually got through the rollers and swam for 45 minutes, was way too far out really and did not feel safe, but this was were the rollers eased off enough to allow me to swim. Watch said water at 58F, air temp very warm for a change. My left arm from the rear of the shoulder to elbow was very painful, especially on final phase of the push, in addition to that felt like I had no control over that arm and that it was going all over the place? Disturbing? Have I forgotten how to swim?? …am keen to get to the specialist tomorrow hoping that he can give me some pain relief to both shoulders, it is going to be pricey but if it works it will be worth every penny.

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Clara said...

Hi Mark,

You commented on our blog ages and ages ago, and we never replied. Apologies about that. Hope your flu clears up, and good luck! My training partner and I are coming up on less than a week to our swims... eek!

Clara Bennett