Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Final Countdown

It feels like only days ago that I began this blog with more than a year to prepare and plan for the task at hand. I find it staggering that the first six months of the 2008 have passed us by. Granted, it has been tough going in every way, not just the training, but coping with the dramas and trauma that life presents, let alone working full time on shifts and attempting to be a good daddy.

But, that said, here we are... the longest day is now just a memory, July has begun and with it probably the toughest swimming and endurance month of my life (so far). This month is set to incorporate three visits to Dover, to complete my longest swims to date, I am hoping for around eleven hours this weekend followed by two split channel swims comprising 7 hours Saturday 6 hours Sunday. Under the watchful eye of Freda Streeter.

In addition to the swimming I am making one last effort to eat sufficient in order to gain another seven pounds in weight, whether achieve this remains to be seen, its heavy going eating so many times per day but I know the efforts over the next six weeks could make all the difference when it comes to that big day in August.

Went to the pool yesterday for a sprint workout for a change, was not sorry to leave the place on what was my final day of membership. Now there is no option but swimming outdoors which to be honest is all we have been doing anyway.

Had a brief chat with my skipper/pilot a couple of days ago, everything is running smoothly at his end, we hope to meet up again this weekend for a gossip and to put a couple of nerves to bed. He is 100% supportive and never has anything but encouragement.

Also this week I will probably meet up with the boys from 10 degrees latitude who are riding 800 miles to Dover before their relay swim across the Channel followed by a 200 mile ride to Paris! They will be in Newcastle tonight and Leeds tomorrow so I will attempt to get there and say hi.

In addition to the normal routine, Dover should be a busy place this weekend as there are a few other people in town that we hope to meet ...Kaise Stefan from Australia who also swims with Andy in around ten days will be there as will Vasanti from Germany. Together with all the regulars of course..I know KGB is keen to see Jane again for more girl talk, so at least I wont feel too guilty that she is alone when I am in the water..

I will post any more news as and when I have it.


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

The time is flying by. Just keep training and eating. Not long to go now. May I wish you the best of British luck.

Vasanti said...

Just finished a huge pot of ice-cream - it's hard to eat much with 30°C air temperature. Looking forward to some Channel talk and to get a feel for the Channel again. Probably won't last that long in Dover water in the beginning, but some people put on weight quite easily under the right conditions :)

Time is really flying so fast - soon everything will be over! So let's enjoy every minute!

Mark said...

Thanks Bruce,
see you Saturday Vasanti!