Saturday, 19 July 2008

Its not good...but its ok

Following a disappointing Sunday in Dover Harbour when I felt like it was all over, it has been a relatively quiet week, I have received a couple of treatments by way of deep massage and ultra sound. The left shoulder in particular continues to be problematic however an assessment booked for Wednesday when the specialist will decide if an anti-inflammatory injection is required. Whatever he says, It will help to know if I am either being a wimp or I require the jab to help me through this final build up.

I swam once this week at Seaton Carew (The back from the dead canoeist trial is on going at Crown Court) before being laid up with ‘man flu’ I had every intention of a swim at Ellerton Lake this morning but after a night mixed between hot sweats/shivers I certainly didn’t feel that it would be a good idea. I did however have to go to work and ended up standing in the wind and rain for most of the afternoon…at present I am rattling with paracetamol !

So…after sulking for most of the week, I am almost raring to go, thank you to those who have reminded me of why I am doing this, for your undying enthusiasm, well wishes and support, not least KGB, Enda, Freda, Loraine and Jane et al.

Thank you also to all those who continue to donate both on and offline, your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Chris Pountney said...

Hi Mark

Glad to see you are feeling more positive now.

I have no doubts that you are going to do this, just don't stop believing in yourself.

Are you in Dover next weekend?


Anonymous said...

..I have no doubts either. Keep reminding yourself of the Ironman (and prior) last year...a wee bit of man flu is no comparison darling...I got through it!! ;-)
Yes Chris, we are in dover weekend coming up. KGB x