Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Wednesday 23 July

0800 x 1500

Another good nights sleep, just a sore throat remaining from the fluey symptoms, didn’t feel like getting up for a day shift but theres nothing new in that , did some stretching last night which eased the left arm. Visited the clinic and met Dr Rehman for my interview (a thousand questions) and shoulder assessment, the good news is the opinion that I do not have a major injury to the shoulders no tears etc, I do have some tendonitis and inflammation, after much discussion of pros and cons I decided to go ahead and get a shot in the right shoulder, was talked through the whole procedure which was totally painless, hope is to give some anti inflammatory effects directly to the affected area, benefits to be at peak in 4 - 6 weeks though will be of benefit before hand i.e. within 7 days or so. He appeared genuinely interested in both the swim and the associated injuries. Promised to keep him updated, very professional and re assuring. Lets hope it does the trick. As I type this I feel like I have been punched on the upper arm but that should ease soon.

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Malla said...

Thats a releif crack on and have a good weekend. good luck malla