Friday, 25 July 2008

two weeks remaining

Thursday 24 July
08 x 15

Pain at the front aspect of the right deltoid all night, it then hung around all day, at times I think it was deferred to all other parts of the shoulder, I generally feel like I have a ‘dead arm’. Had a MBS (maximum belly stretch) of pasta in anticipation of the drive tomorrow, plan is to leave around noon. Early night tonight.

Friday 25 July

Yesterdays pain seems to have eased after a good nights rest. Charlie and I will go collect the car from work ready for the trip to Dover soon, one of the worst things with these trips to Dover is leaving him behind, he could in fact come but he would be bored senseless on the journey let alone standing on the beach for hours on end. Still..its the last weekend away before the tides, I would like to have a good confidence giving set of back to back swims, ideally on Sunday I will drive home and feel ready to taper, fingers crossed that my body holds out and that the journey to the south coast doesn't turn out to be a nightmare, just two weeks now, will blog Dover5 soon as we return ...good luck to Sam Jones and Stanley Paris who look like they may commence their swims any day now!


Jevon said...

keep going mate. not long now.

Anonymous said...

hey uncle! hope you have a great weekend and everything goes really well. keep up the hard work and commitment. you have come this far i know you can do it.

Enda Kennedy said...


Good luck. Enjoy it, remember your not swimming the channel this w/end. Listen to your body, hope hubert house is in one piece after me and billa. Walk by room 4 look at kelly and think of Billa calling me a #bitch# that will make you laugh

Enda k

Neal said...

Two weeks is a long time. You've been training hard. It'll pay off. Keep up the eating pal!

Mark said...

Thanks Boys
had a v good weekend training in Dover, will blog soon

not long to go


Richard Brown said...

Yvonne, Connor, Rhian, Jack and I wanted you to know how much we will be thinking of you during the next few days. I was privileged to watch Lorraine as she crossed in 2007. I can think of nothing more inspiring than the sight of her battle with the wind, waves, cold and her self-belief. The physical ordeal was plain to see but it was the sense of her focus and will that created the biggest impact. We understand that success might be measured by your arrival in France, however, I already believe in your triumph for daring to commit to the challenge.
We wish you the luck in any slight advantage the sea and skies might provide but knowing your own measure will be your greatest asset. I never realised until I saw Lorraine that the Channel is not like a mountain climb or long run; there is no journey or measure of progress it’s over only over when you find a horizon beyond the next swell. Swim strong until you find the horizon.