Friday, 22 August 2008

lessons of life


Enda Kennedy said...

Excellent news my friend.
the 5th. Pilot??

Bet you 5 pints of Guinness you will do it, to be consumed on Friday the 24th of october 2008 in Clara County Offaly, home of the taoiseach (Irish prime minister)
Talk soon
Enda k

Eddie Irwin said...

Hi Mark
Saw your blog and was gutted that your swim was so difficult.Keep the head and stay positive and above all try to enjoy the experience.You are definitely fit enough for swim so fingers crossed for good conditions.You will fly it.Regards Eddie Irwin (cork)

Mark said...

thanks Boys and Lisa!
how typical is that, no comments for a little while and then three all from my brethren in the emerald isle...I am trying to get a excited and struggling to do so, hopefully things will improve in the last two weeks
best wishes

Pat Park said...

Glad to see that the swim is on your schedule for September. You're an inspiration to many, myself included.