Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I am currently investigating the feasibility of swimming in the number 1 slot on the first tide in September. I have the position allocated and will take it if I can satisfy a number of queries. Not least of which is the proviso that the swimmers still waiting on this tide and the remaining August tide all get the go..if not I would be well down the pecking order.

If we do get back in September it will be great to meet up with our good friends from Ireland, they, (Enda Kennedy and his team (Bila, Micheal and Stevie) are returning home tomorrow after over a week of the waiting game.They will hopefully return the same time as me for Enda’s Channel Swim..I know he misses his two young boys terribly and is looking forward to being with them once more.

Charlie remains on cloud nine after reciept of his gift from Enda that I collected this weekend. Thank you so much.


Jevon said...

Hi Mark
catching up on your blog... stay with the programme... your time will come.

Neal Mueller said...

Now you're talking bro! I'll be watching you in September using this cool new tool I just discovered to track boats as they cross:

10 Degrees Latitude

Vasanti said...

Dear Mark,

very happy you are looking forward. It may have been a costly experience, but it may make the swim even more precious finally and also inspire more people with the message to not give up. And you are getting closer to your charity target all the while!

See you and Kelly back in September, hopefully!

Trying to make the best of the game, too.


Enda Kennedy said...

Hi Charlie

Hope you like the jersey, tell your dad to get his ass back into the north sea, he has some unfinished business in dover , and so do I.