Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The good news for me is that Charlie flies home tonight, it will be great to see him bright and early in the morning to hear all about his adventures.

Went to Seaton today, just for an hours swim before work, the sea was as flat as I have ever seen it. I could actually see the sandy bottom for the whole of the swim, got spooked a few times by stuff I don’t normally see i.e. stacks of fish and the odd large rock that appeared out of nowhere. I am pleased to say that the recent sighting of a blue shark off the pier was not repeated today, I really didn’t want to have a chance encounter with anything bigger than myself in the waters of the North Sea!

Its back to the two week count down again before the September tide, I hope to tick over with my swims in the cold water and try to keep up the acclimatisation, the water today was around 58F on my watch, still much less than the Channel which was reading 64F last time I checked.

I heard some great news about Paul Forsey who swam The English Channel at the weekend in a time of 16 hours and 8 minutes, (Paul swam in memory of his Dad who passed away on boxing day last year) well done Paul, we are really pleased for you.

Thank you for the positive encouragement on comments, texts and email it really does help me.


Dave said...

I tihnk its nonsense about the sharks. They'd be scared away by the heavy industry!

Glad your training is going well.


Enda Kennedy said...

well done mark

keep it going

Enda K