Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Waiting Game

Brief update at 10am Thursday 7th August, I am more less packed and waiting for the weather to change, at the moment it could even be a no go all week due to high winds! That would be bad after all this time, however , that is just the way it is, I hear that early Friday is a possibility, followed by a very unsettled weekend.

Being that I am in second slot, it is most likely that I will depart for Dover on Saturday which allows for another night with Charlie too. The moment I receive news I will post. In the meantime it’s the waiting game.

Thank you for your continued support, sponsorship, texts and emails.


Michelle said...

Hang in there. The waiting game is by far the worst of it. Or at least I thought. Keep breathing!

Mark said...

Hey Macy, thanks for that...I had no idea how stressful this was going to be... I dont fancy stopping the taper and going back to 6 hour swims! fingers crossed, and prayer mat out..speak soon...laters!

Cagri said...

Good luck Mark !! Don't drown :) Loves from Turkey