Monday, 1 September 2008


I am delighted to say that Mike Cross (3 x English Channel, Loch Ness etc) is joining us for the swim, he was one of the first people outside family (together with Enda and Macy) to offer his support post 080808. I think most things are now in place. Mike is full of enthusiasm and advice, I am really pleased to have him onside. He only lives around an hour from Dover so the logistical issues of notice, travel, accommodation and work are kept to a minimum.

After a long wait Loraine has now gone on holiday to join her daughter, she is disappointed not to be involved as planned but it is out of our hands, I would like to thank her too for her support thus far.

We will be staying at Wellington Lodge in Deal as of the 4th. I am working nights Monday and Tuesday then the afternoon/evening of Wednesday. The plan is to take Charlie to school Thursday then head off to Dover, where I will await suitable weather conditions.


Chris Pountney said...

Hi Mark

Thats good news that you have Mike Cross on board. If there's one thing for sure, its that Mike won't let you out until its absolutley necessary!

Now just make sure you get your head together.

You've done the training, you know you can swim the distance.

You've spent a lot of time in cold water, and swimming up north means you will still have that acclimatisation.

You have completed an ironman, you know you have the ability to push through the pain.

You can do this, and you will do this. Theres no reason why you shouldn't. just get your head down and keep swimming til you hit france.

All the best mate,


Enda Kennedy said...

Jesus Mark
Thats after coming around very quick.
I will call you mid week to have a chat. Gutted about the result on Sunday with the hoops. The pool were poor enough against the villa. Pity they didnt draw each other in the C/League.

We will talk channel mid week. You will do it this time. 10 pints og guinness on it remember.
Enda k

Pat Park said...

Hey Mark,

Chris realy said it all. Just let me add that I'm sure a lot of folks' thoughts and prayers are with you and your team. God be with you as you continue toward your goal and His richest blessings on your family who've supported you through this quest.

Pat Park