Friday, 5 September 2008

Deal or No Deal

Well I have arrived at the South East Coast, as stated earlier I am staying in the town of Deal just a few miles from Dover, having had a fairly trouble free journey yesterday reaching the accommodation around 6pm. I travelled alone with KGB due follow on Sunday. I didn't do a lot last night apart from eat, sleep and think about home.

Woke this morning to hear the wind and rain against the windows, it is completely miserable. I had a drive up to The Harbour where I saw Sam Jones and a fella called Steve from North Devon who is hoping to swim this week. We swam for an hour in the choppy water whilst the rain lashed it down. A far cry from the weekends of sunshine we experienced 6 weeks ago.

After coffee and breakfast at Chaplin's in Town, I returned to the Lodge to shower then popped over to the library for Internet access, the latest information on the channel swimmers email group is that the gale force winds look set to remain and we will be lucky if anyone gets the go ahead on this neap tide. So.. after all the months of training, and after anxiety of making the decision to return it looks like it might never happen. I certainly cannot make it down here again for the final tide of the swim season at the end of September. It is therefore fingers crossed that the met office have made a mistake. Without a lengthy break from the present conditions no swims will start.

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Jevon said...

fingers crossed mate I'll be watching for you. looks a bit better today (saturday)