Sunday, 7 September 2008


Whilst I was driving home yesterday… I asked myself a few questions regarding how or what I might have done differently in the build up. Having thought about little else since October 2006 I am not sure just what else I could have done.

A brief look at my training records show around 1025km swimming in the last 12 months with around 80+ hours in cold water since May this year, I don’t think I could have managed a lot more physical training wise with my other normal commitments.

My main regret is taking the carrot to swim after the drive on 8 August. That one weekend trip left us around £2500 (mainly the boat fee) out of pocket with any comeback to be a struggle. Together with a large drop in confidence. Had I not risked the journey that Friday maybe I would have been more relaxed and excited about a later swim and had more holidays from work still to use.

That said, no one can control the weather. I may well have spent the whole of this week waiting at Deal without opportunity to swim, then the pilot would have another set of swimmers on the next tide as well as all those backed up from earlier. The whole thing can be a nightmare.

I under estimated the complications with the Pilot, the wait and the effect all of this would have on those close to me.


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

While this year may not provide any more opportunities, who knows what next year will bring. The expenses and "wrong" decisions are all in the past now. Edison constantly made mistakes. I just hope that coordination with boat pilots and work, etc. can go a bit better in the future. Surely, if there is some decent weather next year, then everything else should fall into place. No point in settling for a boring, uneventful life. I am sure those close to you will support you.

Pat Park said...

I can't begin to imagine your disappointment at not making the swim. I just hope you don't give up on the dream. Whatever you decide, just know that you are an inspiration to the many who have followed your preparation. Reading your blog shows that you have gained many friends along the way.
Be blessed,
Pat Park

Vasanti said...

Hi angry young man! You may have done the right thing right now. We just had a swimmer at our Guest House who had to stop seasick in high waves, too. But a lost fight is not a lost battle! You will do it when the time is right! As they say, the Channel will always be there, at least as long as we are alive!

All the best

Mark said...

Thanks for the comments
my anger at the weather has subsided, I am disappointed and embarrased more so for the people who have supported me throughout than I am for myself. We are assesing the options but 2009 will be family not swim, unless of course its a fixed date swim such as Zurcih or Windermeres whereby everyone can attend.
thankyou for you well wishes

Jevon said...

Don't be embarrassed on our behalf... i'm sure everyone's happy to support JACK and you did all you could. Well done mate... keep your pecker up...

Dave said...

Mark, I was on Dori Millers support boat back in August when you both were in the rough water. I later saw you on the beach with the IM Austria jumper/fleece and thought you were waiting for your swim, only to learn after you had left the harbor beach who you were. I was very sad to hear about your attempt not going well, but was entirely impressed by the lengths you took to make the attempt. Although you're analysis of your actions that day has led you to the conclusion that driving down was a mistake, I'm glad you see that it's only hindsight that makes that evident. You're day in August will always be epic in my mind. I also helped to feed the fish with my lunch that day, I'm embarrassed to say. Our observer duly contributed his fair share as well.