Thursday, 11 September 2008

Life goes on

Life is slowly returning to normal on the work and parenting front. I feel like there is a huge void waiting to be filled, after all the training and planning I am at a loss as to what to do next. Don't misunderstand me I do have a thousand mundane tasks to be fulfilled in and around home, but on the swim front it all seems kind of weird.

I am thinking about doing the 10.5 mile Lake Windermere swim before the end of the season, though it is just a thought at this stage, maybe Zurich next summer ?, providing I could take Charlie with me. However even if I do those swims I know that the Channel will still be eating away at me from within.

We have already discussed the implications and what could done slightly differently by way of training, time off work and child care. Not a lot of changes but sufficient that would probably postpone a return to Dover next year unless of course we win the Lotto!

I certainly am not alone in my disappointments of being thwarted by the weather and the lousy British summer; Stanley Paris who hoped to become the oldest Channel swimmer at 70 years of age has also returned home to the United States, as has a training friend of his, a lady from India whose name I do not know. At least I didn't have a flight to catch, my journey home being simple enough in comparison.

Alison Streeter MBE said "it is the worst summer for Channel Swimming" she has known in 28 years of involvement.

I have received a great deal of backing from people who have confirmed the last year was not in vain, we managed to raise some funds for and perhaps more importantly some awareness regarding the plight of the many children fighting Neuroblastoma and of course The JACK foundation. With that I am happy. Its a pity I cannot go around claiming the funds for the charity from the paper pledges, that would boost their figures by another thousand pounds or so.

Fingers crossed for Enda Kennedy who will make his attempt in 10 days time on the final neap tide of the season.

Updates will continue re future plans, thankyou again for your support.

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