Friday, 14 November 2008

2010? ..enough said.


Bruce said...

I am now swimming outdoors, and bracing for colder water in the winter. Yesterday the pool temperature was 23C. It seems I can manage 23C (73F) now, but not sure what happens when it gets lower than that. I will asked my wife to grind the ginko beans soon. Hope you are keeping up some form of training.

J.L.CIBILS said...

I liked so much your photographies. When you'll be able, visit my blog to see my photo-jornalism's works. You will find there images of the south of Brazil.

Chris Pountney said...

Hi Mark

Hope you have had a merry x-mas and a happy new year! Sorry I didn't reply to your text, my phone is not letting me add credit at the moment for some unknown reason.

Sorry if i'm being stupid but I'm not sure enough was said. Does this mean you will definately be making another attempt in 2010? Is it booked? I hope so, you have a Channel swim in you for sure, and you shouldn't let the dream fade. The way I look at it, neither of us have failed to swim the channel, its just going to take a little longer than we first thought.

Best wishes