Thursday, 19 March 2009

Stockton ASC

Last evening (Wednesday 18th March 2009) Our local swimming club held a night of sponsored swims, the monies raised being donated to CLIC Sargent (Caring for Children living with Cancer) whilst it is not Neuroblastoma, we were delighted the kids agreed to give it their best shot. KGBs daughter Lottie, who until recently was terrified of water and is yet to recieve her 25 metre certificate, let alone breach the 'deep end in the big pool' swam a brilliant 26 lengths covering 700 metres!

Charlie swam too and despite being tired after his first 50 lengths continued after a brief rest and completed 70 lengths (1750m) ...fantastic effort by both of the little people am sure you will agree. Making us very proud of their determination to swim for the benefit of others less fortunate. Well done and thankyou to all who signed their forms.

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Enda Kennedy said...

Well done to charlie and lottie.

Great charity.
Kids are a 1/3 of our population but all of our future.

Tried to ring you after last weekend.

Hope all is good