Monday, 20 April 2009

Itchy feet

Like many other swimmers I am a member of a couple of forums, the Channel Swimmers email group and a UK based online swim club. I must say the increasing talk of open water swimming is really making me want to get in there. I just need a couple more good pool sessions under my belt (now that the back spasm has sorted itself out) and I will be ready to take the plunge again.

Other news.. I am really enjoying coaching the kids at two local pools and have had some excellent feedback from several parents, the involvement mainly came about through frustration at : A) the poor advice given to some of the young ones and B) the clear lack of enjoyment being had by almost all of them. It was obvious that most of the children were attending because they had to ie their parents insisted and were having zero pleasure.

I have tried to introduce lots of drills to the sessions with plenty of variety, providing they work hard on the drills we get to have some laughs at the end of the sessions with fun relays and alternative learning...I am delighted the different approach seems to be working with most especially Charlie, Luke, Christian and Liam. That said if you have any ideas to keep sessions fun for kids please leave a comment or email me.

edit: Charlie and Luke are to be involved in a sponsor weekend for Prostate Cancer research, 3 swims 3 consecutive days in a 33 metre pool ..more details at
I am certain that one of the girls who attends the sessions (I will save her the embarrassment by not naming her) is a born Channel Swimmer, she is only about 10 years old but has such natural economical technique.. hopefully I can get her and her parents interested, maybe in a Cross Channel Relay in a few years, before she finds beer and boys!

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Bruce Stewart (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

The 10-year-old doesn't necessarily have to be a cold water swimmer. If she decides to forsake boys and beer for the next seven years and trains 5 hours per day starting at 4:30 am in British winters, too, then she could be the next Rebecca Adlington in 2016. I hope you will be able to think of creative ways to keep her on the straight and narrow.