Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Jack Brown

I am sad to bring the news that poor Jack, as brave as he has been has lost his battle with Neuroblastoma, I am proud that together with many sponsors we tried best we could to help. Our thoughts and prayers are with Richard, Yvonne and his siblings..God bless and R.I.P. I cannot even begin to imagine the loss Jacks family must be feeling, the more I read and look at his innocence the more it hurts. Some things are just not fair.

Good Night and God Bless you Jack

Please see the update on Jacks website here

(photos from The Jack Brown Appeal)

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Enda Kennedy said...

Hi Mark

Very very sad about Jack. You and others have done their bit, and you more.
No life is not fair, kids are 1/3 of our population but all of our future.
Thoughts and prayers with all jacks family.