Saturday, 8 August 2009

1 year on

It is hard to believe its already exactly twelve months to the day since I took that stupid decision on 8th August 2008. I find it amazing that the year has passed so quickly, to summarise (after 080808) as you know I returned to Dover in the September for a more realistic opportunity, however the weather put pay to that and I never did get a reasonable shot at the swim. After that I returned home feeling completely depressed with the whole swimming episode and basically stopped training in anyway, shape or form, my body fat as a result shot up and that much desired belly I was wanting arrived without effort!

I had been active enough at work and didn't feel to bad physically, albeit my core strength has disappeared resulting in almost constant lower back pain. Around a month ago I finally got around to joining another gym, where I have been using the pool, initially I was struggling to even swim 1km but my condition seems to be coming back slowly, my times are way off after such a long lay off but that is understandable...though I am happy with the progress to date.

Enda Kennedy spoke to me the other day on email and questioned if I might be returning to Dover next year, but I told him without a lotto win it would be almost impossible as I am still recovering financially from 2008!

I am however enjoying being back in the water and will be doing the Great North Swim in September after a week in the sun with KGB and the kids.

What I really need to do is sit down and set some targets so that I have a clear goal to train for...

Goodness knows what the next year will bring.

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Bruce Stewart (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Good to see your update and that you are getting back into swimming. I hope you can keep up the training. I am not doing a lot, but at least I do get to the pool several days a week and the swim helps me relax even though I am fairly slow.
Our elder son got accepted to university in Farnham, Surrey to study digital film-making, starting September. Having not been back for many years, I am not sure how to advise him about how to be on the lookout for potential muggers. Since he is an avid skateboarder, hopefully he will be able to connect with the rougher youth in society. Pity I can't arrange for him to buy an Alsatian!