Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lisas 2way swim

Here's a thought...what were you doing 24 hours ago... well, Lisa Cummins (who looked after me in Sandycove, Cork, Ireland last year) was entering the water the commence her epic adventure of swimming to France......and back!

She landed on a sandy French shore after fourteen hours and 36 minutes and swiftly began the second leg of her swim...she has now been in the water (which at present is around 63.5degrees Fahrenheit) for what is approaching twenty four hours...can you imagine being in cold water, all day yesterday, all night with no sleep and still be in it now with another 12 hours plus remaining!!

This woman is a complete can view her progress on the tracker system here. One of her friends is updating her blog via twitter, she is reportedly still making the same pace of 60 strokes per minute and cracking jokes at each feed!...I recently spoke with the crew on the boat (Sea Satin piloted by Lance Oram) they state she is obviously tired but in good spirits..

More updates later

update just had a text this minute almost 27 hours in, text reads " just had really good feed, more content, no pain killer requests for a long time, pilot happy with her"

Latest from Sea Satin at 3.50pm which is 29+hours "Imelda (support swimmer) back in the water for an hour, wouldn't say if it is the last hour of support or not, coast getting more visible. Form has improved a small bit"

4.10pm... "Shes out of the Shipping lanes, into the English Inshore waters 4 miles or more approx, best form from her in a long time"

5.35pm ...31hours of swimming and still going...getting weak but mentally strong

9.25pm...almost 35 hours and looks like about 500m to go...go go go

she has made it after approx 35 hours incredible woman!!!!! congratulations what a day and a half

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Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Incredible. I'm glad it was someone whom you know. Makes it so much more interesting. I checked last night before I went to bed and she was at about 27 hours and still some way out, so I didn't know if she would make it. Talk about perseverance. So she is in an elite group of people now.