Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Back to the future that is 2010

Well I said I was back and here I am..its as far back as September last year since my last 'real' post, since then I having been training steadily in the pool mainly at Total Fitness Teesside in their 25m pool and occasionally at the John Charles Centre for Sport in Leeds where they have a superb Olympic Pool. I must say that in Britain with the prospect London 2012 around the corner we really have no where near the required amount of fifty metre pools. There is a world of difference between the two, believe me after being used to pushing off the wall every twenty five metres the jump to a session in Leeds was very noticeable both mentally and physically. At first I thought the end was never going to arrive. That said I went on Monday and had a great session and the pool at last felt normal!

Since September my body has been its usual with problems at various sites, I had a scan  in Hospital and some detailed investigation into my shoulder problems in particular those of the rotator cuff. I am pleased to say that I have no tears only bursitis and slight swelling. After a visit to the muscular skeletal clinic I have been performing some specific weight bearing exercises and a particular stretch which has helped massively, in fact today I received another letter for the follow up appointment in about 4 weeks time.

As a result of this work both shoulders have been pain free in comparison to 2008 when I was training doesn't end there though, for a while I have been having severe lower back pain which at times has forced me out of the water, this too however is now under control having made renewed use of the Swiss thera ball and by always finishing the swim session with small amount of backstroke..

My weekly figures are back up around 20km though I only attend about four times a week now, these sessions are more structured than years gone by, due partly to occasionally having a training partner from work who I like to refer to as 'Mick the Fish'. we train now and again but I am able to copy the agony when alone. I have also been inspired by Arther Puckrin, he trains at the same pool as me, he is in his seventies and swims for hours on end, he is doing a double deca Ironman (that's 48 miles of swimming before mega bike and run)  in November and thinks nothing of swimming for 4 hours or more in the chlorinated pool!! its great being in the next lane to Arthur when I am doing a longish set as there is no way I can quit early! Right now my long swims are only upto 7km but things are building up nicely.

Yesterday I gave my friends at Bishopton Lake a visit with a view to starting my outdoor training, the owners are away but I hope for good news in the coming days as I need to get started if I am serious about completing this years plans..

At this stage I have a few things arranged (I am not going to tell you all my secrets am I ?!), we are going back to Sandycove Ireland in early May where I hope to swim the Island at least once with Lisa Cummins though I bet it will be baltic! This kind of a send off swim celebration for Dan Martin who will commence his global triathlon around the same time.

I am hoping to do a 4km race in Coniston, a one way (10.5 miles) Lake Windermere, finishing off with season at the Great North Swim..

I also heard rumour of a 'Swim4Life' which I would like to do, this is 1 mile on the hour every hour for 24 hours, not sure if and when this takes place but its indoors and would be fun (or mad) to have a go at.

I want to finish this brief post by sending my heart felt best wishes to Enda Kennedy and family whose Dad is suffering from lung cancer, I hope and pray he makes a full recovery, we met in 2008 and he is truly a top man just like his son..

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Enda Kennedy said...

Thanks Mark

I told him you had him on your blog.
Glad to hear your training is going well, and some great goals for you to achieve, and no doubt you will.