Saturday, 17 April 2010

Not a Lot...

As expected/predicted, not a huge amount to report this week what with the school Easter holidays and work. I have only managed three visits to the pool, one on Tuesday when I swam more or less continuous 8000m (2 x 2km plus 4 x 1km) over 2hours and 22minutes. Followed by Thursday morning when I swam with Mike from work (he is a fish) We covered 4600m on our morning session mainly 400s and 100s.
However come late Thursday afternoon I was bored and decided to head back to the pool alone for another blast. Didn't bother with a warm up deciding to race 4km as hard as I could by way of a little time trial. I was delighted with how I felt physically and mentally after the morning set and managed the distance in 64 minutes. Other than my swim down that was the last pool visit of the week, that said I was happy with the quality of the 17,000m over three sessions for this stage, and who knows I may even get there on Sunday if KGB looks after Charlie.
Today 'Coach' Charlie and I travelled the short distance (around ten miles) to Seaton Carew, the sea looked to be miles away but once we got there, the conditions were near perfect beyond the breakers, we discussed the plan and agreed for a little longer effort than previous. Remembering to take what's left of my timex wristwatch for a temperature reading I entered the water, it was biting cold on my skin as normal. I was hearing Lewis Pugh in my head as I ran through the shallows shouting 'Commit Commit' as per the Robson Green TV swimming show. Charlie was standing on the beach looking after our things armed with the camera again, laughing as I dived through a cold wave.

It was probably the nicest day of the year thus far and I swam for eighteen minutes, the watch read 49f (about 9.5C) front crawl seemed much more doable than last Sunday and other than the usual ice cream head ache there was no major side effects or shivers. Except that is for my appearance, which was noted by a female passer by who stated " You look like the tango orange man from back there" Charlie was great during my after swim care handing me towel, woolly hat and clothes before together, we jogged up the sand and back to the car. Thanks again Char x

No matter the resulting skin colour I was well pleased with todays effort despite looking like a baked lobster!!
I am definitely ready for more OW but must keep up the pool work with both interval training and longer mentally demanding (boring) swims.


Jersey said...

Hi Mark

I'm planning an around jersey swim in september this year, i'm a good swimmer but not a natural distance swimmer by any means. I'm a water polo player mostly. I'm trying to work out what distances i should be swimming by the time sept rolls around. normally i do 3-4kms per session 3-5 times a week. I see you do things like 4k straight! normally i break up my session to smaller sets. I also wanted to ask someone who might know - whats the deal with wearing a swimp3? is it allowed? have scoured the rules and can't find anything about it?

Jersey said...

Forgot to sign off -- My Name is Nat By the way :)

Mark said...

Hiya Nat
thanks for the comments and for bothering to locate the blog, to answer the questions firstly, the swimp3 is definelty not allowed in any recognised event ie The Channel, Jersey etc sorry mate its just you and the elements, Training wise I also mix things up for example yesterday was 1 x 1000, 10 x 200, 20 x 100, 500 swim down for a 5500m set, tomorrow however I hope do a long continuous swim. I kind of like to chop and change and the long swims are great for the mental side of things when you are clearly bored and ready to get out, its just a case of getting on with it, I try not to plod but push on best I can for the distance planned.

Good luck with your training and your swim, drop me an email to with your details and where you train etc

best wishes
and thanks again

Mark said...
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Pete Windy said...

Hi Mark - what an excellent site you have made here. I can't believe I've not come across it before! Superb advice too.
I'm swimming the Channel this year (September), and so I'm looking forward to getting out of the pool and back into open water in May. I don't suppose you know when the first Dover harbour training sessions start?