Thursday, 6 May 2010

Best Yet

Monday as you know was Seaton Sea Swim for 22 mins at 48f, Tuesday work and a Pool session of 4200m mainly 200s and 100s. Wednesday brought another Pool session of 5700m this time my old favourite set, the descending ladder from 1000, 900, 800 etc down to 100 in a slightly better time of ninety two minutes.

Today Thursday 6th May another visit to Seaton in better but not perfect conditions for 27 minutes at a watch reading of 52f. The best outdoor swim of the year thus far my a mile. I am delighted to say the 'ash cloud' has moved into the Atlantic thus we are now geared up and ready to fly to Cork tomorrow afternoon. The target is to swim a lap of the Island on Saturday and whatever Sunday brings.  Fingers crossed.. 

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