Saturday, 1 May 2010

Jealous Progress

Today (May 1st) sees the start of the 2010 training at Dover Harbour, I was texting Emma France who stated there was 113 swimmers in the 9 degree water! including 36 Solo English Channel aspirants and 54 relay swimmers, (thanks for the photos Emma) I was feeling quite jealous not being there, though realistically its all a little too soon and the massive drive would not really be worth the short swims at this time of year. That said it would have been great to catch up with Freda and Barrie and the other beach helpers.
Progress has been made in training since my last post, I have had two pool swims worthy of mention, last week  3 x 3500m ..a 10.5km swim taking three hours, the time is way off that of 2008 but I actually felt stronger than I recall back then. It was tougher in some ways too as I would normally cover say 4km with the remainder intervals of just 1000 metres.

When I started back training I found it difficult to go for longer than a kilometre without stopping for a drink. I think I kind of developed a mental bad habit so it's pleasing and confidence building to continue for longer without the need to gulp down juice every sixteen-seventeen minutes. After this swim I was a little achey in the shoulders and triceps but no injuries or lasting pain.

Wednesday 28th (KGBs birthday) I had a follow up appointment at the muscular/skeletal clinic where after numerous tests I was discharged to continue my training with strict instructions to return should the rotator cuff issues flare up once more..the options of injections and surgery were fully explained but this would be worse case scenario. For the time being I can carry on as normal and build up the training.

Having had two poor sessions this week and generally feeling tired, yesterday, I headed to the pool for a much needed quality session, I swam 2 x 3500 plus1 x 3000 on 2 hours 55 mins. Again the times are not what they once were but I was comfortable swimming for an hour at a time before stopping for a drink and a handful of jelly babies!

All being well I will get to Seaton this weekend at some point.

Only a week before I dive into the water at Sandycove brrrr!

As a postscript I have been pestering Brett at Eastliegh Lake, Hants. to arrange a 10km open water event for looks like going ahead so watch this space for details.

Update: Dover Day 2 (Sunday May2nd) photos below from Emma, she says it is pouring with rain but that the water is pancake flat.

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Enda Kennedy said...

Excellent Mark. Some great sessions there.

I concur about Dover, not been there, but hopefully mid july ill do a back to back PG. Hope all is well. Belated 21s______________t to Kelland regards to charlie.