Monday, 24 May 2010

Sun, Sea and Six

Sometimes I feel like everything and everyone is scheming against me and my training plans, other occasions prove that I am actually very lucky.I have to admit I am sick and tired of working shifts especially nights. However, if I didn't do so, some of training would certainly prove to be impossible.

This last week has been one such week where work patterns and child care has fallen into place allowing me to do something I have never managed previously.

It all started on Wednesday 19th when I met newbie Sea swimmer 'John F' at my regular swim location of Seaton Carew, this was the second visit with John, we agreed that I would enter the water first, swim forty minutes or so, then be joined for the remainder of the swim and exit together on completion. The sea that day was relatively flat, my watch was measuring the temperature as 51F and I completed my first hour in the sea for 2010. John swam a creditable 22 minutes...well done John.

Next day Thursday 20th I attended again on what was a a glorious day, I initially had a very pleasant amble through the sand dunes, south of the usual swim area to scout out the feasibility of swimming the full route to the North Gare, it looked possible albeit only at high water, and the distance looked massive so I will be saving that one for later in the year. Having admired the view and taken time to make the most of the the weather I headed to the customary workplace for my swim. All was well, the sea was flat, the sun was shining HOWEVER after 40 minutes I stood on something, I thought it was a hard spiky rock or similar, the pain was unbearable, my right foot throbbed and began to redden and swell. After a warm drink I decided to head home and clean up before having a good look at the injury. On the short drive home the pain became more intense to the extent that I went directly to hospital. Once in accident and emergency I was informed I had stood on a weever fish I received pain killers anti inflammatory and a soak in boiling water with added vinegar. After discharge my foot continued to swell so much that I could not wear shoes. The pain subsided however it remains tender and stiff.

Friday 21st I hobbled back to Seaton on yet another superb day of sunshine, the sea was literally like glass, and so clear I could to the bottom which is very very rare, I swam for another 60 minutes at what the watch indicated to be 54-55F.

Saturday 22nd I was due to start work at 3pm so I headed across earlier than normal where I had again arranged to meet John F, there had been some confusion so I was alone as I dived in.... after about forty minutes I spotted John breast stroking towards me, we chatted very briefly before I finished another 62 minutes this time at 52F. I was cold towards the end probably due to stopping and chatting but very happy to have completed my planned hour. Lucky we had attended early as the Jet skiers were now out in force, it would have been suicide to swim with those nutters blasting up and down the coast.

I didn't expect to train Sunday 23rd as a result of which I was in a little bit of a grump, I think I was having withdrawal symptoms, however my luck continued when KGB took Charlie out for an hour allowing  a quick dash to the coast and a 40 minute sprint. My recovery was the best yet and I drove home in a tee shirt due to the amazing weather we are experiencing.

Monday 24th the weather first thing had taken a slight down turn, it was breezy and sea looked bumpy, I was tossed around like a cork swimming North, though returning South was much easier, I was working hard today and was delighted to complete another 62 minutes at a steady 53F.

To summarise a week of glorious sunshine, six days succesive sea swims, 4 x 1 hour and 2 x 40 minutes.


Enda Kennedy said...

Thats fantastic progression. Hats Off to you mate.

That wevver fish, sounds even horrible. Thanks for the text re dover. I have some kick assing to do this weekend.
Enda K

Mark said...

thanks Benji
going in the morning again, whilst i have the chance


John said...

Hey Mark, your encoragement and advice is much appreciated thanks very much.