Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Susie Maroney

This morning I was returning from swimming when I noticed that Susie Maroney from Australia had left a comment on the blog after the entry entitled 'Spooked'..To say I was flattered is an under statement, thanks Susie for taking the time to read the blog and indeed for leaving the comment.

For those that are unaware, Susie like many of us, has at times experienced great heartache, tragedy and faced adversity through many aspects of her life, in fact she continues to do so to the present day. The difference with her is how she battles on and achieves what most of us could only dream of.

Cliff Golding once admitted that women are far mentally tougher than us weak men and I think I have to agree, what with the amazing Lisa Cummins and Susie what more proof do we need.

Some of Susie's swimming achievements:

Three time winner of the Manhattan Island swim race in years 1991, 1992 and 1994.
Fastest female two way English Channel Crossing (England/France/England) in 1991 at age 17 in time of 17 hours 14 mins.!     At age 22, the first person to swim the 180km (112 mile) Florida Straits from Cuba to the United States (12 May 1997). Swam a record 197 km (122 mile) from Mexico to Cuba, covering the longest distance ever swam without fins in open sea, in 38 hours and 33 minutes (1 June 1998).
Completed 160km swim from Jamaica to Cuba (15 September 1999).


Enda Kennedy said...

OMG!!!!!! There some swims,and an excellent interview. Beautiful lady.

Susie said...

It's me again . Just wanted to thank you very much for the really nice comments. Now that I am married with a beautiful little daughter Paris (yes, I did name her after Paris, France in honour of the Channel) those great memories of open water swims seem far away. Great memories though and we all belong to a very special club.
Best wishes Susie (Maroney)x

Greg Holbeck said...

Yeah, I luv that lady too.
Top girl, top swimmer, class act

michel rheaume said...

dear susie if you remember i was driving the boat with germain when you made it to key west sorry about your brother but very happy about your beautifull family;i married the blond cuban girl that you met at the marina we have 2 kids a boy and a girl now 14 and 13,my new boat is 72 feet that would do the crossing of everything to you and family