Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wykeham and Warmer Water

Friday 11th June I ventured back to Seaton and swam alone with the constant feeling I was being following by my new found chubby friends, I am certain I was being 'bumped' on the feet by Mr Seal but I didn't actually see him today. The temperature is definitely on the climb as my watch was reading a constant 55f, there was real big rolling swells today which was quite fun.

Then Sunday 13th I attended the first BLDSA event of the year at Wykeham Lake near Scarborough North Yorkshire. I had been keeping an eye on the weather all week and for once the forecasters were correct, it rained from start to finish!

On arrival I registered and had my hand and arms marked up with numbers, I then watched a couple of motorised ribs mark the swim course with large yellow buoys, three buoys dictated a triangular course, I expected maybe three laps?. The briefing soon followed and the news was 5 laps for 5km, 3 laps for the 2 milers. After a short delay, names were taken as we entered the water for a deep water start.
I was keeping my eye on my watch and swam every lap on twenty minutes, I am sure the course was slightly longer than the set distance due to my timings but thats not important. At 1 hour 41mins I reached the end and exited the water. It was a worthwhile swim I coped well with what was after warm water (60f) no medals no certificates just dress and drive home.

Monday I had an unexpected day off so took the opportunity to visit Ellerton Lake for the first time this year, I had a great swim again at a lovely 60-61f.

Other news...its pleasing to read that Enda and Andy are both having fun and training hard at Neds training camp in Cork, keep up the good work boys I wish I was there

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